Hoyt Recurve Bow Stringer

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Experienced archers know that the safest way to string or unstring a recurve bow is with a bow stringer.

Hoyt redefines the genre with its competition recurve stringer.

A Hoyt bow stringer ensures your limbs will not twist when you are stringing your bow.

Advanced polymers and strong parachute cord merge into the ideal and safe tool to string any recurve bow.

It is compact, quick and easy to use and minimises the risk of damage to your bow limbs and tips. No archer should be without this simple tool.

The Hoyt bow stringer adjusts to any bow length. Always use a bowstringer when stringing or unstringing to protect yourself from personal injury while stringing. Stringing a bow without a bow stringer or stringing your bow by stepping through the bow and bending the limb will void the warranty on the bow and can cause injury to the archer or bystanders. All bow warranties require you to string and unstring your bow using a bowstringer.

Tough, nylon red parachute cord adjusts to any bow length.

The bowstringer includes

  • Reinforced rubber limb pocket
  • Wrap around rubber limb gripper or slide with familiar apple and Hoyt Recurve logos engraved
  • Strong nylon parachute cord
  • Instructions for use