Abbey Archery Recurve Bow Tip Protector

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This tough, durable, stretchable leather cover protects the lower limb and secures bow string loop.

Abbey Bow Tip Protector is for recurve bows and is crafted from genuine leather and slips over the lower limb of any recurve.

Soft and pliable, will not crack or become brittle with age or weather.

A must-have accessory for a recurve shooter. Provides protection for the delicate tip overlays of today's laminate bows. Protects from scuffs and scratches and holds the lower string loop in place.

Not suitable for longbows as it is moulded to precisely fit the flatter, wider limbs of a recurve.

Virtually impossible to lose as the bow string threads through an opening in the tip protector, firmly locking it in place.

Simple and easy to install.