Equip Blister Kit

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The Blister Plus Kit contains all the necessary components required to treat and manage blisters.

The Blister Plus Kit is an ideal kit for all bushwalkers, hikers, runners and anyone engaging in activities that involve repeated skin friction. The Blister Plus Kit contains all the essentials for blister management, such as adhesive dressing, fabric strips and a foam adhesive support.

The Blister Plus Kit also includes an Emergency Action Card and oral rehydration sachets that are must-haves for any outdoor activitiy
  • First Aid Kit specialising in the management of blisters.
  • This kit contains: 1x Emergency Action Card, 2x Tincture Benzoin Swab-sticks, 1x Athletic Tape, 1x Opean Weave Adhesive Dressing, 1x Foam Adhesive Support. 1x Scissors, 5x Oral Rehydration Sachets, 10x Fabric Strips