Gerber Nautica Series 8X42 Binoculars

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The Gerber Nautica Waterproof Binoculars 8x42 deliver a clear view at any time of day including dawn or dusk. The binoculars are waterproof and shockproof, making them a great choice for boating. Their ergonomic design ensures they can be easily and comfortably held and used for easily on the water for maritime navigation or the spotting of sea life.

Designed for Use on the Water

The 8x42 Gerber binoculars are weather proof so no matter how wet or cold it gets you can be confident the optics will still function, making them perfectly suited for use around water.

Advanced Optics

With a 42mm objective lens the binoculars can gather a large amount of light to ensure that the view is bright and useful in any lighting conditions. The 8x magnification means you the binoculars are practical and deliver an easy to control zoom range. The optics also feature a BMC coating to ensure that you get a crystal clear view.

Shockproof and Ergonomic Design

The binoculars housing is made with a tough rubber coating that protects from accidental drops and knocks. They are also equipped with an all-weather grip that helps you to maintain a hold on the binoculars even when you are using them in adverse weather conditions. With their ergonomic design, you can comfortably hold the binoculars for long periods without feeling any strain.

The Gerber Nautica Binocular 8 x 42mm are perfectly suited for use in a maritime environment, providing quality results with an easy to use design.