Hema HN7 Universal Sun visor

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Hema Navigator Sun Visor - designed to fit Hema's 7" GPS Navigator's (including the HX-1 and HN7). The Sun Visor can help to reduce glare from the sun and easily attaches to the GPS unit using two rubber-coated springs.



  • Effective in shielding the GPS unit's screen from glare
  • Suitable for 7 inch screen
  • Easy to fit
  • Quality durable construction
  • Visor Cover Size - 110 mm (H) x 270mm (W)


1. Ensure that the blanking plugs are positioned to expose the second slot in from the end of the sun visor on both sides. Pull the rubber back on one mount wire and push the wire into the slot on the sun visor. Repeat for the remaining wire.

2. Place the sun visor on the front of the Navigator and gently push the mounting wire over the back of the device. Slide the sun visor down over the Navigator.


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