High Road Car Trashstand Bin

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Tight Turns Won't Topple the TrashStand Car Trash Basket

Hard braking and hairpin turns won't tip the High Road TrashStand. With its bottom weight plate and grip strips, you can step on the gas without worrying about toppling car trash. Ad its leakproof removable liner keeps drips, spills and stains contained and way from carpet and upholstery. 2 Gallon capacity. Sized to fit best on floorboards of compact, mid-sized and larger vehicles.


  • Leakproof removable liner

  • Base plater for added weight and structure

  • Hook & loop bottom grip strips

  • Hinged lid with hook and loop closure

  • Wide mesh pocket for sanitizer and wipes

  • 2-gallon capacity

  • Durable 500D polyester