Jarvis Walker Powergraph Combo

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Jarvis Walker Powergraph Combos deliver quality graphite composite rod and reel outfits for an incredible price. Combining the extra sensitivity and responsive action of a graphite rod with a 3 ball bearing reel, these outfits provide reliability and performance to anglers across Australia.

The Powergraph Combos are available in four versatile combinations. The 6’6”, 2-5kg Powergraph Spin Combo is matched to a 2000 size reel and is ideal for light tackle estuary and freshwater fishing for bream, whiting, flathead, bass, and perch. The 7’3”, 3-6kg Powergraph Estuary Combo combines with a 3000 size reel and the extra length delivers extra casting power and strength for larger estuary and freshwater species. The Powergraph 8’, 4-7kg General Purpose Combo is matched to a 5000 size reel and is suitable for heavy estuary fishing and light inshore fishing while the 12’, 6-15kg Powergraph Surf Combo paired with an 8000 reel, has the length and leverage for beach and rock fishing.

The Jarvis Walker Powergraph Combos come equipped with reels that feature infinite anti-reverse, a CNC-machined handle and are spooled with monofilament line. These powerful combos deliver the performance and feel of a great quality fishing combo but without the hefty price tag.

Feature List
  • 3 Ball bearings
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Graphite body and rotor
  • Aluminium spool
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Thick bail wire
  • CNC handle with EVA grip
  • Spooled with line
  • Graphite composite blank
Code Model Barcode Ball Bearings Line Capacity Gear Ratio Reel Size Ft Met. Pc Rating Inner Qty Outer Qty
18240 Powergraph 6'6" Spin / 2000 9312327863789 3+1 8lb/196yd 5.2:1 N/A 6'6" 1.95m 2/P 2-5kg 1 4
18241 Powergraph 7'3" Estuary / 3000 9312327863796 3+1 10lb/220yd 5.2:1 N/A 7'3" 2.18m 2/P 3-6kg 1 4
18242 Powergraph 8' GP / 5000 9312327863802 3+1 15lb/235yd 5.2:1 N/A 8' 2.40m 2/P 4-7kg 1 4
18243 Powergraph 12' Surf / 8000 9312327863819 3+1 20lb/278yd 4.1:1 N/A 12' 3.65m 2/P 6-15kg 1 4