OZtrail Colour Change Flames 25G Sachet

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Details & Specs
Create some magic, magnificence, and mystery around your campfire with the Colour Change Flames from OZtrail.

Once you throw a couple of these packets over your outdoor wood campfire, you’ll start to see the flames shift from one vibrant colour to the next. You’ll have the best results with 1-4 packets, lasting for around 30 minutes at a time which will entertain the kids or your other campmates.

Perfect for adding something special to your next campfire, kick back and watch your technicolour campfire flicker with the Colour Change Flames from Oztrail.

Lasts up to 30 minutes at a time
For best results throw 1-4 unopened packets onto an outdoor fire
For use on outdoor wood campfires only
Read instructions carefully and use with care
For adult use only
Packed Dimensions:10L x 6W x 0.5H cm
Material: Copper Oxide | Copper Sulphate | Calcium Carbonate | Strontium Chloride
Weight:0.025 Kg
Supplier Code:10000107