Pro Max Food Pop Up Food Covers 3 Pack

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Keep your food bug free with this set of 3 Pop Up Food Covers. The fine mesh design covers your dishes protecting them from unwanted insects, whilst giving you a clear view of the food underneath. Better than domes, the sides of these covers extend straight up allowing for layer cakes, bowls, or other large serving pieces.

These mesh food covers are perfect for both inside the home or outdoor dining. Just place them over salad, fruit, pasta, pies, layer cakes, chips and more.

  • Set of three pop up mesh food covers with loop handles
  • Different sizes to fit all types of food, platters or bowls
  • Foldable and lightweight, making it easy to bring everywhere
  • Mesh covers to protect your food from flies and other insects when dining outdoors
  • Ideal for picnic, barbecues, camping and summer entertaining