Techni Ice Icebox Signature Series 45l

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Size 45L
External Dimensions (W x L x H) 43 x 67 x 46 cm
Base External Dimensions (W x L) 43 x 67 cm
Internal Dimensions (W x L x H) 29 x 53.5 x 30 cm
Outer Casing High density polyethylene
Insulation Density High density moulded polystyrene foam

Never before has the world seen an Ice Box like this!!   


This model has 74mm walls (Yes you Read it Right !! 74 mm Walls) that is more than twice as thick as most polyethylene ice boxes, and much thicker than fibreglass ice boxes.

The huge lid and walls are injected under extreme pressure with highest quality high density multi compound PU insulation.

Twin padlock facility is also available for security.


The bung is a huge 50mm diameter (about the size of a tow ball). This allows the box to be emptied quickly when leaving a camp site especially as there could be still many large chunks of ice left after weeks of camping that can be emptied through this bung.


This box incorporates a fully moulded and integrated hinge system designed to last for a life time even in commercial applications.


Dual Air Lock Seal System comprises one EVAS Seal plus a Fridge Gasket Seal. This system provides a perfect seal at virtually all ambient temperatures.

Air Circulation

4 sturdy feet are provided that allow 360 degree air circulation that provides a cool thermal air barrier under and around the box so the box can be put on hot metal ute trays, trailers or hot ground surfaces without effecting the performance of the box through rising heat under the box.


Dual Handles, Heavy duty reinforced nylon handles with comfortable hand grips plus comfortable recessed carry ledge handles in the top body of the box.

Tie Down Points

Tie down points are provided via the rope handles or the integrated points on the base of the box.

Fish Ruler

Integrated ruler on the top of the lid.


The Signature Series is basket and divider compatible.


White colour Ice Boxes keep ice up to 20% longer than coloured ones due to their ability to reflect more heat.

Did you know?

Techniice is the actual brand used by Department of Defence, CFA, SES, Police, Ambulance, Qantas, Air France, KLM, Dept of Primary industries, Royal Flying Doctor Service, McDonalds, Australian Navy, Air Force, Coles and thousands of other companies and  government departments worldwide that require the highest level of cold chain performance and reliability.