UST Sparkforce Fire Starter

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The USt SparkForce Fire Starter Orange is a compact, high-performance flint-based fire starter that easily generates sparks in wet or windy conditions, plus works on a large variety of tinder. This item features a high visibility orange ABS case and a striker's detachable cap to protect the fint and prevent accidental or unintended sparks.


  • Flint-Based Fire Starter
  • Compact, Lightweight and Pocketable
  • High-Visibility Orange ABS Case
  • Detachable Cap Protects Flint and Prevents Accidental/Unintended Sparks
  • Generates Sparks in Rain, Wind and Other Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Ignites a Wide Variety of Tinder
  • Weighs 28g

How To Use:

  • Open case and hold metal striker against flint rod
  • Apply pressure along rod to create sparks
  • Direct sparks downward onto prepared surface to ignite tinder