Vexed Dhu Slow Jighead

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The Vexed DHU SLOW has been one of the most popular and best catching jigs on the market since it¹s introduction in 2010. We have been asked by a few top jigging anglers to make a longer version that can still be fished slow on PE1.5-4 Slow Pitch outfits for demersal species. We decided to weight this jig slightly rear of centre to get it down quicker and stay down in the strike zone longer than a traditional Slow Pitch Jig which are more often top of centre weighted. The DHU SLOW comes ready to fish with one of our specifically designed durable, scented, super stretchy, high intensity UV/Glow Vexed Flashy Occy Head Assists. Add this Super Occy to our range of proven Vexed Bottom Meat colour patterns and you will be out fishing your mates with the best pre rigged slow jig on the market. The DHU SLOW will catch many different species including: Dhu Fish Snapper Coral Trout Groper Red Emperor Cod Cobia King Fish Mackerel.

Weights from 100 grams to 180 grams