Water Woofer Dog DFD

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Water Woofer DFD's (Dog Floatation Device)

A dog life jacket, a Woofer Dog Floatation Device is a must for any water going Aussie dog owner. Strap on a Woofer Dog Floatation Device for dog safety on the water. Just because its mandatory for humans to wear water safety gear, that doesnt mean dog need to be left out. Gearing up dogs with dog life jackets allow them to safely enjoy a day of sun and spray and keeps them safer when you are out boating or kayaking.

Even while dogs are proficient swimmers, it only takes a few minutes for anyone or any canine to tire, get dragged away by currents or waves.

Equipping a pet with a Woofer Dog Floatation Device will keep pets safer and in the case of going into the water, dogs are easier seen with the safety features included in the Woofer Floatation Device.

Woofer Floatation Devices are available in different sizes and colour. Measure the size of the dog chest to find the right size on the chart blue. Woofer Floatation Devices come in lilac and blue for the fussiest of fashionable canines. Woofer Floatation Devices are designed to last and dont require recharging required by more expensive lifejackets.

Feature List
  • High-visibility
  • Affordable
  • Meets legal requirements
  • Choice of colours