Weber Baby Q Convection Trays (Q1X00N Series)

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These disposable aluminium foil BBQ convection trays, used with a roasting trivet*, transform your Baby Q to roast and bake mode. Fats and juices fall onto the tray during cooking and create smoke and flavour. Excess drippings are channelled away from the burner to prevent flare up. *Sold Separately

Safety tip: Please avoid reusing Weber Baby Q convection trays for roasting meat multiple times, as residual fats can pose a fire hazard. However, feel free to reuse them safely for baking, preparing pizzas, and crafting desserts. Stay safe and enjoy your BBQ experience!

Fits Q1000N & Q1200N gas barbecues. Not suitable for Baby Q1000, Q1200, Q100 series gas barbecues. For Q100 use 91141 / for Q1000 use 91147.

Part Number #1500282