Wildtrak 4.5QT Camp Oven

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Camp Oven 4.5QT 25X15CM 

You can now cook your dinner over the campfire with this Camp Oven! It features a concave lid with a curve-shaped metal where you can easily lift the lid up. It also has a secure coil handle grip for carrying it effortlessly. Made with high-quality materials, this will be great cookware for your favourite meals during your camp trips. You can cook stew, casserole, soup and enjoy your meals out in nature with the pot that does it all! 


  • Type: Camp Oven 4.5QT

  • Size: 25X15CM

  • Material: Cast Iron

  • Shape: Round

  • Deep base and thick walls allow for uniform heat distribution

  • Ideal even heat cooking with concave lid designed for hot coal storage

  • Secure coil handle grip to reduce heat transfer when away from a direct heat source