Companion Lithium 60lL Fridge

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The Companion Lithium Single Zone Fridge Freezer 60L is a market first. Having all the great features of a car fridge but all done with a 12V 42AH Lithium Ion battery. The Companion Lithium Series of Fridges are perfect for when you go somewhere without power as it has its own battery, and it also has 2 USB ports so that you can charge all of your devices as well! And even with all of that still only draws and incredible 1.1amps per hour thanks to the world class SECOP compressor. If you are away for an extended period of time it does have a dual DC power inlet for 12v or 240v, as well as an anderson plug inlet so you can connect to solar. 

The perfect fridge/freezer for all of your holidaying needs, this is great for a family getaway, or a shopping trip. Equipped with an easy to use digital LED display unit as well as a 3 stage battery monitor. This fidge/freezer is definitely a must have if you quite commonly go off the beaten track.

To increase the efficency even more The Lithium 60L fridge cover will keep all of your contents colder for longer and increase battery life. 


• Integrated/Removeable Lithium battery that
  doubles as a power pack with 2 USB ports
• Up to 16-hour runtime on a single charge
• Direct solar connections for extended runtime
• Dual speed SECOP compressor
• Average power usage of 1.1 amp per hour
• 3-stage battery monitor
• AC & DC operation (240V and 12V/24V)
• Dual DC power inlet
• Digital LED display control panel
• Dual direction lid
• Internal LED lighting
• Secure accessory storage area
• Dual bottle opener
• Dual Anderson plug outlets/inlets
• Dual USB outlets (Total 4 Outlets)
• Cigarette/merit/anderson connection DC lead included
​ •AC Adaptor included for charging


Model: 10000064
UPC/ISBN: 9320531079957

• Climatic Category: T,ST,N,SN
• Protective Classification: II
• Rated Voltage DC: 12V/24V
• Total Input Power: 65W
• Rated Current for DC: 6.0A MAX (12VDC), 3.0A MAX (24VDC)
• Refrigerant: R134a/65g
• Foam Vesicant: C5H10/C-PENTANE
• Dimensions: 820W x 482D x 460H (mm)
• Weight: 26kg (Empty)
• Power Pack Capacity: 12V 42AH Lithium-ion